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12 December 2017

Read to Know: Indian Judges who faced Trials in court

The Allegations of Corruption, nepotism and misbehavior has led the judges to get threatened to lower the prestige of the judiciary. After the passing of The Judges (Enquiry) Act 1968, a notice was given to the president for the removal of judge by 199 members in Lok Sabha in 1970. Below is the List of the Judges who faced trials in courts.


Soumitra Sen

  • Soumitra sen was a former Judge in the High court of Calcutta.
  • He is the first judge being impeachment by Parliament by tendering his resignation for his misconduct in the year 2011.
  • He was the found guilty of misappropriating funds in the court of law.


P.D Dinakaran

  • D Dinakaram was the Chief justice of the Sikkim High court.
  • He resigned as judge for the allegations of corruption, land-grab and Judicial office abusement are being the 16 charges filed against him.
  • Before the impeachment proceedings against him are initiated he resigned in the year 2011.



  • B.Pardiwala was the Chief justice of the Gujarat High Court.
  • Impeachment notice against judge J.B.Pardiwala was given for his objectionable remarks on the issue of reservation.
  • Petition was filed against him for the injustice comments given on reservations for scheduled castes and tribes.



  • V Ramaswami was the Chief justice of the Supreme Court of India.
  • He has the dubious distinction against which impeachment was initiated.
  • During his tenure as chief justice of Punjab & Haryana, he was caught spending extravagantly on his residence.


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