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Todays Date
14 December 2017

Inviting Participants for the Inba-Novartis Debate

1. Best Speaker: FOR the Motion
2. Best Speaker: AGAINST the Motion
Date: October 21, 2016
Venue: Indian Society of International Law, Bhagwan Das Road,
New Delhi
Time: 4.00 pm onwards
Rules for Submission of Abstract:
– The word limit for the abstract is 500 words (excluding footnotes).
– Submit ONLY a soft copy via email to with “Submission/IP Debate Abstract” in the subject line.
– Each submission email should contain, the Abstract as well as scanned copy of Student ID card as issued by the institution.
– The cover page of the submission should contain the following details only:
– Name of Participant
– Email ID
– Institution
– Course and Year of Study
– Permanent Address
– Contact Number
– Title of the Abstract
– The main body of the Abstract should not carry any mention of the name, contact details, or the name of the Institution or it shall lead to immediate disqualification.
– Co-authorship is not permitted.
– The Abstract should be submitted as a soft copy in MS Word file (.doc/.docx).
– All students are expected to acknowledge the primary source(s) of information.
– Multiple entries by an individual shall not be permitted, and shall lead to disqualification.
– Last date of Submission shall be September 20, 2016.
– The 8 Finalists shall be selected by a panel and informed individually by October 10, 2016 and will have to appear for the Live Debate on October 21, 2016 at Indian Society of International Law, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi
– The final prize winners would be decided by a jury at the Live Debate on October 21, 2016 and declared at the event.
Two First Prizes
Cash Prize of ` 50,000
Cash Prize of ` 50,000
General Rules
– The competition shall be open to all students pursuing LL.B (3-year or 5-year Law Course) and LL.M programs from any institution recognised by the Bar Council of India, in India.
– Any Abstract found to be plagiarized shall be disqualified.
Two-step Process
Students are required to submit a 500 word Abstract as well as a two minute Video recording of debate on the Motion. They can decide to take a position either For the Motion or Against the Motion. 8 Speakers would be selected based on the above Abstracts and Vedio (4 Speakers For the Motion and 4 Speakers Against the Motion) to appear for a Live Debate at the Indian Society of International Law, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi on October 21, 2016
– The participants are responsible for the originality of the work and agree to indemnify INBA from and against any claims, suits and damages based on any claim of copyright infringement or plagiarism or unauthorized use.
– If at any point in time it comes to light that an infringement or plagiarism has taken place, the certificates issued will be revoked, the prize called back and the said occurrence will be mentioned on the web and through media.
– Any previously published material shall not be accepted.
– Footnotes may not be substituted as endnotes, for it shall lead to disqualification.
– In case of a tie, the decision shall be reserved by INBA.
Guidelines for Formatting
Page Margins : 1 inch on all sides
Body of Essay
– Font Type : Times New Roman
– Font Size : 12 pts.
– Line spacing : Double spacing with ‘0 pts.’ before and after.
– Alignment : Justified
– Font Type : Times New Roman
– Font Size : 10 pts.
– Line spacing : Single spacing with ‘0 pts.’ before and after.
– Alignment : Justified
– Style : ILI Delhi Rules of Footnoting
Rules of Review
– Abstracts and Vedio will be reviewed by a distinguished panel of impartial judges and academicians.
– Abstracts and Vedio will be judged anonymously.
– Abstracts and Vedio will be judged on the following criterion:
– Originality of Content : 20 marks
– Quality of Research : 30 marks
– Argumentation and Delivery : 40 marks
– Use of Authorities and Citations : 15 marks

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