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Formation of special cell by police to solve problems of inter-caste couple

by Bhavya DubeyAugust 8, 2017

Based on a recent order from the Madras high court, the Madurai city police formed helpline and special cell to handle problems faced by inter-caste couples.

The special cell, which is to be implemented in all district, was ordered to set up by the Madras HC in last April based on a petition filed by a Dalit youth, whose wife from an upper caste family was killed for the marriage.

According to the circular released by Madurai police on Monday, the special cell will receive complaints from the couple and the crime prevention cell at the police commissionerate will directly look at the cases.

Couples can alert the special police cell about their issues either by appearing in person or over the phone (No 0452- 2346302).

A deputy commissioner of police (law and order), Madurai district social welfare officer and district Adi Dravidar welfare officer are among the supervising committee that is responsible for the efficient functioning of the special cell.

The HC order proposed the formation of special cells also asked the government to create a 24 hour helpline to receive and register complaints.

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