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Todays Date
25 November 2017

5th CUTS – CIRC Biennial Competition, Regulation and Development Conference

CUTS and CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition is going to organize the 5th Biennial Competition, Regulation and Development Conference. Through the 5th edition, this international conference enters its 10th year and as always, it promises to bring together a unique set of expert stakeholders from across the globe.

There is a broad consensus that innovation is central to the long-run performance of an economy. From this follows a need to strengthen the foundation of the innovation ecosystem in the developing world with an objective of achieving sustainable development. The CUTS-CIRC 5th Biennial Conference aims to discuss the role of regulation and competition in creating the appropriate incentives for fostering innovation for sustainable development.

Date       : 9th – 11th November, 2017
Location: Jaipur, India


  • Setting the Context: Role of Innovation for Sustainable Development
  • Revisiting IPR and Competition
  • Telecommunications Licensing of Patents and Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
  • Pharmaceuticals Questionable patent strategies and divergent IP regimes
  • Agriculture Global Consolidation of agriculture input market
  • Disruptive Technologies and Economic Regulations
  • Finance / Payments Innovation in Regulation to Manage Disruption
  • Transport Fair Regulation for Urban Mobility
  • E-Commerce Effectively Regulating Different Business Models
  • Political Economy Challenges in Facilitating Innovation
  • Building Organisational capacities for tackling policy and regulatory uncertainty
  • PPPs and Open Innovation for Sustainable Development
  • Innovation, IPR and Technology Transfer
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Development Financing for Fostering an Innovation based Ecosystem
  • Concluding Observations and Key Takeaways Optimal Regulation and Competition for Innovation and Inclusive Growth: Building an actionable agenda for promoting an innovation ecosystem


Agenda: CUTS_CIRC_Biennial_Conference_2017



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