Top 10 Dialogues in Jolly LLB Movie that we’ll remember for long.


Although Jolly LLB, had released in 2013, but it has still left a mark on everyone who has watched this movie and have encouraged others to view the movie atleast once. The black coat dons of court room have fantastic melodramatic dialogues to deliver which will make you laugh out loud. The film talks about the flawed judiciary that exists in the country and how witness protection can change the course of a case, makes the viewer think.

Subash Kapoor, being a former journalist and interacting with lawyers from close quarters probably helped director Subhash Kapoor give the film a realistic approach. A social satire- the film has some hilarious one liners courtesy the director himself which makes you smile and think. Dailogues aren’t the cheesy ones or the one inspired from any previous Hollywood or Bollywood movie, the context is simple taken from few past cases which had trolled the news channels.


  1. Jolly waiting outside the district court asks a passerby: Bail wail karwani hai kya apko?(Do you want to get a bail?) Passerby: Bhai court marriage karne aaya hoon (Brother, have come to get married in the court)
  2. Lawyer: Affidavit ka spelling batana.(What’s the spelling of ‘Affidavit’?) Jolly: ‘E’ se shuru hota hai na?(Doesn’t it start with an ‘E’?)
  3. Lawyer to Jolly: Recession ka zamana hai, typewriter bhi chori ho rahe. Sambhaal ke tala laga. (It’s recession time. Even typewriters get stolen. Be careful)
  4. Justice Sharma (Saurabh Shukla) to Jolly: Kanoon andha hota hai, judge nahi. Usse sab dikhta hai.(Law can be blind, Judge isn’t. He can see everything)
  5. Rajpal while concluding the case:Agar aap footpaath pe soyenge, toh marne ka risk toh rahega hi. That’s the harsh reality.(If you sleep on the footpath, there is always a high risk of getting killed) Jolly: Maanta hoon footpath pe sone ka haq nahi hai , par footpath gadi bhi chalane ke liye nahi hoti. (Agree one shouldn’t sleep on the footpath, but the footpath is not for driving your car, either)
  6. Rajpal in court: Aajkal ke ladke hindi films dekh dekh ke waqalat karne aa jaate hai(This new generation just watch films and take up law as their profession)
  7. Is desh mein gareebo ko insaaf bahut mehenga milta hai.
    (In this country the poor get justice at a very high price.)
  8. Aksar suna hai kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hote. Ghanta lambe hote hain! Thakosle hain sab…bakwaas! Kanoon ki baat karta hai saala.
    (Often heard law’s hands are very elongated. Bell long they are! False it is all…nonsense! They talk about law brother-in-law.)
  9. Justice Sharma to Jolly:‘Prosecution’ ko ‘Prostitution’ likh rakha hai aapne, ‘Appeal’ ko ‘Apple’!(You have spelt ‘Prosecution’ as ‘Prostitution’ and ‘Appeal’ as ‘Apple’)
  10. Fellow lawyer:Think practical yaar!Jolly: Practical gayi gadhe ke pichhwade mein (Let’s not be practical here)


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