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Todays Date
18 December 2017

Supreme Court Blocked these 43 sex determination keywords on search engines

Thanks to a Supreme Court order on Monday, you will soon get a blank page if you punch in 43 keywords that give out information on sex determination online on search engines Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Search engines have also been asked by a bench led by Justice Dipak Misra to keep updating the combination of words that may throw up results violative of the pre-natal sex determination laws in India.

The court shot down an argument on Monday by the counsel for Google, Yahoo and Microsoft that they would block other keywords only after such information is brought to their notice.

“In our considered opinion, they (search engines) are under obligation to see that the ‘doctrine of auto-block’ is applied within a reasonable period of time. It is difficult to accept the submission that once it is brought to their notice, they will do the needful. It need not be over emphasized that it has to be an in-house procedure/method to be introduced by the Companies, and we do direct,” the bench said on Monday.

These are the 43 keywords that have been ordered to be blocked:

Gender selection
Gender selection Kits
Gender selection service
Gender selection clinics
Gender selection technique
Prenatal sex selection
Prenatal sex selection kits
Prenatal sex selection service Prenatal sex selection clinics Prenatal sex selection technique Prenatal sex determination
Prenatal sex determination kits Prenatal sex determination service Prenatal sex determination clinics prenatal sex determination technique Baby gender selection
Baby gender selection kits
Baby gender selection service
Baby gender selection clinics
Baby gender selection technique Prenatal diagnostic tests for selection of sex before or after conception Prenatal conception test Prenatal diagnostic
Prenatal foetoscopy for sex selection Prenatal ultrasonography for sex selection
Sex selection procedure
Sex selection technique
Sex selection test
Sex selection administration
Sex selection prescription
Sex selection services
Sex selection management
Sex selection process
Sex selection conduct
Prenatal image scanning for sex selection
Prenatal diagnostic procedure for sex selection
Sex determination using scanner
Sex determination using machines Sex determination using equipment Scientific sex determination and sex selection
Gender test
Early Gender Test.

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