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Todays Date
12 December 2017

Read to Know: Most Commonly Broken Law by Indians

Over the time some laws were broken without consequence of the action that we barley forget their existence. Here we’re Listing out some of the laws breaking habits in India.

Jump the signal

  • Some years ago traffic signals were considered as joke in cities.
  • Now the situation has improved much better, people are obeying the law in major signal areas.
  • This can be because of traffic police standing at the center of the Junction. But traffic rules are blatantly ignored in small streets.
  • Central Motor vehicle Act, 1989 and section 119/177 MVA was issued for violators of the traffic law.


Urinating in Public aka Mutra-visarjan

  • The most honorable habit Indian men do is urinating in public.
  • Inhaling the smell of urine is not same as smelling a banquet.
  • Designated spots for this purpose in every street are built for public use.
  • There is no specific law against pissing but after ‘Swacch bharat abhiyan made law makers to consider “drafting a law under which spitting, urinating and throwing garbage in public places will become punishable offenses”.


Park Here

  • Car sales are getting increased as people are becoming rich day by day along with economic growth, led to parking spots gets harder.
  • People are forced to park their cars on the side of streets due to lack of choices.
  • Though it is punishable offense cops can’t do in this context due to infrastructural shortcomings, both at government and private levels.
  • Section “15(2)(viii) RRR 177 MVA “ deals with the No parking offense.


World as dustbin

  • In India after so many campaigns and posters educating about cleanliness and sanitation were happened.
  • People didn’t stop littering in public remains same.
  • Be it banana peels, plastic bottles find their way on the streets of India.
  • No specific law is issued but it can be included in “Swacch bharat” abhiyan in which throwing garbage in public places will become punishable offenses”.


Plastic bag

  • Supreme Court of India has passed a law banning the use of plastic bags.
  • F Husain explained in his paintings that this is the only thing is being used in India rather than banned.
  • People on Westside spend 7 rupees for a plastic bag it shouldn’t be a problem when people are spending a lot on clothing.
  • Plastic garbage can be included in “Swacch Bharat” Mission.



  • People in India think despite of the Indian cars standards are low tends us to wear seatbelt.
  • The traffic law regarding seatbelt is upheld in highways or when traffic people are around.
  • It is a safety measure that every citizen of India needs to take care off.
  • Under Central Motor Vehicles Rule 1989, as per provisions of sub-rule (1A) of Rule 125 for wearing seat belts.


Pirates of the Bay

  • The Favorite illegal activity on the list, download the movie instead of buying ticket or renting a DVD.
  • These laws are not so easy to fix a magic need to work like Modi waves for ‘acche din’ which we promised
  • People of India will break the laws, evade cops and save money by approaching illegal activities.
  • Under the sections of Copyright Act 1957, downloading and exhibiting an illicit copy will be punishable by Law of India.







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