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Todays Date
20 October 2017

National Workshop on Equality, Justice and Gender Sensitization – A Human Rights Issue

School of Law, Northcap University, Gurgaon is going to organize the National Workshop on Equality, Justice and Gender Sensitization – A Human Rights Issue.

Date: 15th – 16th April, 2016

About The Workshop:
The weaker sections all over the world are a cause for grave concern. Women in all societies experience various forms of discrimination and oppression. This discrimination hinders the collective participation of women in public life. Inspite of the few progress made towards the emancipation of women, power remains a male prerogative, with men retaining economic, political and religious control. Another area of concern is transgendered people. One to four percent of the word population is of those persons that are not fully male or female and to give recognition to them is very perceptive issue of gender sensitization.

The transgender people, as a whole, face multiple forms of oppression in this country and the world over. Discrimination is so large and pronounced ‘especially in healthcare, employment and education, leave aside social exclusion. Gender sensitization is a tool and means in the direction to realize the objectives of the Equitable Society, Gender Equity and inclusive development without discrimination. Gender sensitization refers to the modification of behaviour by raising awareness of gender equality concerns.

Gender sensitization may be seen as “the awareness informed disposition or propensity to behave in a manner which is sensitive to gender justice and equality issues”. By gender sensitivity, we mean the level of awareness, appreciation of the need to maintain at reasonable levels the gender differentiation. Gender Sensitization is changing behaviour and instilling empathy into the views that we hold about our own and the other gender.

With this noble objective of making equality a living reality, School of Law, Northcap University, Gurgaon, is pleased to announce two day National Workshop on Equality, Justice and Gender Sensitization, with the aim to provide a platform to bring progressive ideas, analysis of available legal mechanisms, loopholes and suggestions for the said area. The workshop provides an opportunity to academicians, law students, scholars or any stakeholder to understand the concepts of gender, sex and gender equality and to put a small but effectual effort in this direction.

Participation is open to academicians, or students / research scholars currently studying in the law colleges only.

Events for the Workshop

  • Paper Presentation
  • Debate
  • Bill Drafting
  • Poster Making
  • Quiz Competition
  • Essay Writing Competition

Registration Fee:

    • Paper Presentation:
      • Students/Researcher:
        • Single Author: Rs. 1,500/-
        • Co-Author: Rs. 2,500/-


      • Academicians:
        • Single Author: Rs. 2,000/-
        • Co-Author: Rs. 3,500/-


  • Debate: Rs.1,500/- (per entry)
  • Bill Drafting: Rs.500/- (per entry)
  • Poster Making: Rs.250/- (per entry)
  • Quiz Competition: Rs.100/- (per entry)
  • Essay Writing Competition: Rs.500/- (per entry)

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission: 23rd March, 2016
Final Paper: 11th April, 2016
Registration Fees (DD): 31st March, 2016

Ms. Srishty Banerjee
Assistant Professor,
School of Law, Northcap University
Phone: +91-8802162433

Ms. Ambrina Khan
Assistant Professor,
School of Law, Northcap University
Phone: +91-7838748669

Ms. Pallavi Bajpai
Assistant Professor,
School of Law, Northcap University
Phone: +91-8377088481

School of Law
Northcap University, Gurgaon
Sector 23A, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon
Phone: 0124-2365811/12/13

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