National Debate on “Whispers of Democracy: A Talk beyond the Veil”


The Indian National Bar Association is organizing a National Debate on “Whispers of Democracy: A Talk beyond the Veil”.

Date: 14th August, 2016
Venue: Constitution Club of India, New Delhi


  • The Indian Independence has lead to an uncertain path towards Freedom
  • Democracy vitiates Democracy

About the Debate:
Human Rights, politics, public policy and every other ideas have polarized our opinions. India has had numerous heated debates and controversies continue to remain in our regular atmosphere. There is, however, an unspoken, unanimous agreement upon the acceptance of Democracy as the perfect governance model. We have been brought up to believe that Democracy is the pious flag bearer of freedom and a model of sanctity that we cannot question. Yet, the basic concept behind Democracy itself is the constant evaluation of the realm of perspectives where we reside. It is a tragic paradox, where, in a democracy, we have become so complacent that we choose to remain silent on discourse about the future of Democracy and Governance.

After a brutish trend of colonial Rivalry, which lead to the two great wars, the world chose peace and choice over hatred and patriarchy. The Idea of Democracy emerged as a fantasy to a world plagued by famine, war, poverty and death. England, transformed itself from a Colonialist State to a Welfare State. Global Foreign policies too shifted in order to accommodate democracy. Democracy, a concept that was perhaps, as old as philosophy itself, emerged along with the discourses of the Social Contract Theory and argued about the extent of Liberty and the need for inclusive and participatory world governance.

Under the circumstances, even the Indian National movement, including the Indian Renaissance itself was tremendously influenced by the European imagination of complete intellectual freedom. Our Literature, our constitution and our sense of national belonging was contained through this new dream of Liberty, Equality and Justice. Indian Nationalism too was a message of Internationalism.

Within the Largest Constitution of the world, Dr. Ambedkar had poured his idealism resonating through the pages of shared global History, Jurisprudence and Human Dignity. Democracy had rightly become the messiah of the commoners across the world who was devastated with war and its aftermath. Democracy, became the most sustainable form of government, because, democracy contained every belief and opinion within itself. Democracy also contained rebel. And without dissent Democracy was incomplete.

Post elections, if the winners, represented the assent of the masses, the opposition represented the dissent. Through our separation of powers and federal structure, every institution was ideally formed to function. However, did democracy, with the allure of liberty and rights, drag us into a sense of conformity where we would not even want to question ‘democracy’? We may question the policies, of a Democracy; however, we have together agreed to admit Democracy as the perfect governance model. Intellectual Defiance and thinking, too, has somewhere, been standardized to suit every argument only in the favor Democracy. Democracy has molded us to trust that there can be no system better than modern Democracy. But then… Is there any life beyond Democracy?

Debate Format:

  • There shall be two teams debating each other in two different rounds.
  • On one side, the team shall comprise of seniors and experienced members and on their opposite side, there shall be the undergraduate law students.
  • The senior teams shall oppose both the topics and the young speakers/student teams shall support both the topics.
  • Each team shall comprise of four members.

One can also participate as an audience in the debate. The registration fee is Rs. 250/-. The last date for registration is 8th August, 2016.

Mr. Manuj Bhardwaj
Research Associate
Indian National Bar Association

A-298, New Friends Colony
New Delhi – 110025
Phone: +91-75035-90342, +91-11-41640706

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