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Todays Date
14 December 2017

Karnataka Government looks for official files after Justice Rao's resignation

The state government has taken over the official files that were under the control of Justice Y Bhaskar Rao who resigned from his post of the Karnataka Lokayukta . Governer Vajubhai Vala has already accepted his resignation and now the government of Karnataka is seeking to appoint a new head for the anti-corruption agency.
Justice Rao had resigned because of corruption charges against his son who has been imprisoned for allegedly running an extortion racket in Lokayukta in association with the PRO Syed Riyaz, two journalists and two RTI activists. More than 10 people involved in the racket have also got arrested.
Earlier, the MLA’s have moved an impeachment motion against Justice Rao in legislature when he was on leave for the last three months.


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