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Todays Date
20 November 2017

Good Governance Yatra, Apply here

A single government program in India touches the lives of a billion+ people.

How are these programs designed, and implemented in challenging and diverse conditions? How does a government reach out to a massive citizenry? These stories are never heard, never experienced first hand.Good Governance Yatra is an immersive travel program that provides a first-hand exposure to good governance models. It is an experiential learning platform for aspiring change makers to interact with the visionaries behind the project and learn about the intricacies of policy in action, among a host of other things.


Highlights of the program:

  • 9-day expedition to explore good governance models across India
  • Experience the model governance projects across various domains
  • Travel with a diverse cohort and experience a fulfilling journey across India
  • Interact with last-mile governance leaders and role-models in public policy
  • Network with the best-performing policy-makers and leading policy thinkers

Co-learn with future-leaders passionate about nation-building.


When: 15th – 23rd December, 2017
Where:   Delhi – Uttar Pradesh – Bihar
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