Delhi government and Green bodies claim that City air is cleaner after odd-even drive:

The air you breathe is cleaner, the AAP government has said. Also, the government says pollution was down by as much as 50 per cent . The much-touted odd-even scheme that is coming to an end on the 15th of this month is being credited for this spectacular turnaround. The latest data collected by mobile teams of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC)  confirms this.

“The PM 2.5 air pollution level collected from 18 locations on 9 January showed recordings of less than 100 (ug/m3) at nine locations, which is up to 50 per cent less than the average recordings since the odd-even regulation was put in place on January 1 for four wheelers,” a Delhi government statement said on Sunday.

Even the PM 10 air pollution level has shown a marked decline at 18 locations with recordings between 135 and 475. At eight out of the 18 locations, the PM 10 level was recorded at less than 200. The government claims on an average PM 10 levels are also showing a drop of close to 30 per cent.

 Green bodies agree with the assessment made by the government. An analysis by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said peak pollution during the odd-even run has been the lowest so far in this year as compared to 2015.

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