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Todays Date
18 December 2017

Commonwealth Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy [CJCLPP]

The Editors of Commonwealth Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy (CJCLPP) finds immense pride in inviting you to contribute from your deep array of wisdom & learning to Volume 3, Issue 2 of our law review. CJCLPP is a biannual double blind peer reviewed journal bearing ISSN 2518-4997. It is the flagship journal from student fraternity providing incisive legal scholarship on issues that are at the forefront of contemporary legal discourse.

Submission Guidelines:

Word limit: Articles (2000-5000 words), Case Comments (1000-2000 words) and Book Review (up to 1500 words).

Academicians, Practitioners, researchers, students and others interested in the field may send original unpublished manuscripts by 30th August 2017.

Co-authoring of papers between individuals of the same or different institutions is permissible. The maximum no. of authors per submission is 2.

Submissions should be emailed at


Senior Editor, Ms. Katherine Carroll:



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