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  • What is Cyber Crime?

    - Jan 19, 2017
    Cyber crime encompasses any criminal act dealing with computers & networks (called hacking). Additionally, Cyber crime also includes traditional crimes conducted through the internet. For example; hate crime, telemarketing & internet fraud, identity theft, and credit...
  • Indo-Pak Cease Fire Tensions

    - Jan 11, 2017
    In August 1947, India and Pakistan became independent. India’s border with Pakistan was delineated in 1947 when the British Raj left India. Under the scheme of partition enshrined under the Indian Independence Act 1947, Kashmir was...
  • Patenting Software: Is My Invention Patentable?

    - Dec 3, 2016
    Today’s modern society relies heavily on information technology wherein, software and hardware work in tandem. In this new digital market, innovative software and business method models are integral to the success of several companies such as...
  • Need For Uniform Civil Code

    - Aug 6, 2016
    Uniform civil Code is the proposal to replace the personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of each major religious community in India with a common set governing every citizen. These laws are distinguished from public law and cover...
  • Role of media in democracy

    - Jul 25, 2016
    Introduction Media constitute the fourth pillar of democracy. The role of the media is vital in generating a democratic culture that extends beyond the political system and becomes engrained in the public consciousness over time. Media...
  • Comparative study of Insurance law US and India with Special Reference to MEDICARE, MEDICAID and CHAMPUS

    - Jul 12, 2016
    “Insurance is a method of spreading over a large number of persons a possible financial loss too serious to be conveniently borne by an individual.” -J.B. Maclean Any program which pays for medical expenses whether occurring...
  • Are big cars cleaner? Not yet in India

    - Jul 6, 2016
    Do big cars really cause less pollution than small ones, as Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi has claimed in the Supreme Court? Fact is there is no way to ascertain that, simply because car manufacturers do not...
  • Cyber terrorism and law

    - Jul 4, 2016
    Legal perspective of cyber forensics in India always comes across multiples of case laws, statutes, and constitutional provisions on cyber crimes and cyber forensic procedures, all concisely known as cyber law need to detect such cyber...
  • Drinking alcohol may increase cancer risk

    - Jul 3, 2016
    Even moderate consumption of alcohol may increase the risk of several types of cancer, a new study has warned. According to researchers at the University of Otago, drinking was responsible for 236 cancer deaths under 80...
  • Winding up of company

    - Jun 30, 2016
    INTRODUCTION Since we believe in going concern assumption, as everyone wants his business to flourish more and more, but at some point of time due to circumstantial reasons one has to close down his business, that...

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