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Todays Date
14 December 2017

Call for Papers : Two- Day National Seminar on Education and Politics

Date : February 12-13, 2016


1. Theoretical Issues on State, Education and Politics.

2. Education, State and Democracy.

3. Critical Pedagogy.

4. Interaction between Civil Society, Education and State Politics.

5. State Politics and Empowerment of Marginalised Sections of Society through Education: Issues, Strategies and Outcomes.

6. Impact of Globalization on State Policies of Education.

7. Role of International Financial Agencies (WTO, IMF, UNICEF, UNESCO and WORLD BANK) in Shaping Educational Systems of Developing Countries.

8. Political Agenda of Education in Independent India.

9. Constitutional Provisions on Education: Challenges of Implementation.

10. Right to Education: Myth or Reality.

11. Issues of Privatisation of Education.

12. Politicisation of Educational institutions.



Research Papers are invited from teachers, researchers and students for this seminar on the above mentioned sub-themes. An abstract of the paper should be submitted to the department by January 15, 2016. The full paper should be submitted not later than January 31, 2016. The abstract and full paper must be sent in electronic format (MS Word Font: Times New Roman, Size 12) through e-mail to: or

Brochure :



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