Call for Papers: Special Issue on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems


Theoretical Papers

Theorizing the concept(s) of entrepreneurial ecosystems. How should different kinds of entrepreneurial ecosystems be conceptualized? Can we identify conceptually distinct archetypes of entrepreneurial ecosystems? How do entrepreneurial ecosystems differ from other widely used contextual concepts, such as markets, clusters, industries, value chains, networks, and organizational fields?

Empirical Papers

– Business models in entrepreneurial ecosystems. What features characterize successful business models in entrepreneurial ecosystem contexts? What are the business models that new ventures use to connect to entrepreneurial ecosystems? How do the two concepts connect? Do the leaders of successful entrepreneurial ecosystems have similar business models? 

– Ecosystem externalities and disruptive competition. What are the strategies and business models that entrepreneurial ventures can use to gain entry to markets and unseat established incumbents? How can entrepreneurial ventures build and leverage ecosystem momentum for competitive advantage? What are the most salient ecosystem externalities that new ventures can leverage for rapid growth? 

– Ecosystem creation. What are the processes that characterize the creation of new entrepreneurial ecosystems? How do the roles of specific participants, such as universities, accelerators and VCs, interact with early stage ventures in ecosystem creation? When can entrepreneurial new firms and industry incumbents create and drive ecosystems for competitive advantage? How important is geographical location? Are there any policy recommendations that can optimize the conditions for entrepreneurial ecosystem creation? 

– Ecosystem dynamics. What are the best strategies for entrepreneurial ecosystem orchestration? What processes underpin the relationships between different ecosystem participants? Do particular participants, for example universities, always occupy the same network position and role? How does knowledge sharing occur in entrepreneurial ecosystems? How do entrepreneurial ecosystems interact with the wider economy in which they are situated?

Deadlines, Submission and Review Process:

Submissions to this special issue should be prepared in accordance with SEJ’s submission process described at The submission window is from October 1, 2015 to 3 December 1, 2015. Please make sure to indicate that your submission is for the special issue on Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. Publication of this special issue is planned for early 2019. To enhance the quality of contributions to the Special Issue, we will hold a focused workshop at Imperial College London for the long short list of papers that successfully pass through the first review stage. Accommodation expenses for participants and travel expenses for one author per paper will be funded.

Submission Period: October 1, 2015 – December 1, 2015