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Call for Papers: International Commercial Law Review (Vol. 1, Issue 1)

by Legal DesireApril 13, 2016

International Commercial Law Review (ICLR) will be a bi-annual, online, peer reviewed journal. The aim of the journal will be to educate the society in general about the intricacies and latest developments in commercial law and to provide an intellectual platform for students, practitioners and academicians to publish and showcase their original legal thought on commercial law.

ICLR gives all the prospective contributors complete autonomy to write on any area of commercial law. There are no specific themes or sub-themes that are required to be followed by the contributors. However the journal does appreciate original submissions that have a flavour of internationalism to it.

Reason being simple, the world is getting smaller and laws of multiple jurisdictions will end up overlapping sooner or later in the light of international business and global trade.

The journal intends to be in sync with this global trend and will certainly promote literature that deals with the same. As mentioned previously, there are no specific themes or sub-themes, however for the sake of guidance and information for the prospective contributors, some of the topics that are covered under the scope and ambit of international commercial law are as under:-

  • Law Relating to International Commercial Contracts
  • International Commercial Arbitration Regime
  • Banking Regulation
  • International Financial Law
  • Syndicated Lending
  • International Commercial Negotiation
  • International Commercial Litigation
  • Cross border Insolvency
  • International Transactions
  • Eurobonds
  • Structured Finance, Asset Backed Securities, Securitisation
  • Derivatives
  • Capital Markets
  • International Sales Transactions
  • Competition Law
  • EU Regulations on Economy, Banking, Finance, Commercial Sector
  • International Trade Law
  • Domestic Commercial Laws of different jurisdictions
  • Law relating to taxation

Note: The contributors are not bound by these topics and have complete autonomy to write on any aspect of commercial law.

Submission Guidelines:

    • Font Size of Submissions: Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Line Spacing 1.5, Justified
    • Size Font of Footnotes: Times New Roman, Size-10, Line Spacing 1.0, Justified. Speaking footnotes are not allowed. All points have to be incorporated in the body of the submission.
    • Citation: OSCOLA 4th Edition (The same is available on the website of ICLR)
    • Abstract: Contributors have to submit an abstract not exceeding 300 words.
    • Particulars of Authors: All contributors have to submit a separate form along with the submission containing details of the authors. The said form can be downloaded from the website of International Commercial Law Review.
    • Word Limit for Submissions (excluding footnotes):
      • Articles: 3000 to 4000 words.
      • Short Comments: Upto 2000 words
      • Book Review: Upto 1500 words


  • Co-Authorship: Co-authorship of maximum 2 authors is allowed.
  • Submissions: All submissions will be accepted only by email. The submissions have to be emailed to: submissions.iclr@gmail.com
  • Additional points to note:
  • The journal reserves the right to edit articles.
  • The submissions should not be plagiarized.
  • Authors are expected to observe originality in all their submissions. In case authors do make references from other works in their submissions, they are expected to acknowledge the same.
  • In case of any copyright violation, the authors of the submissions will themselves be held responsible and liable.
  • Authors have to sign a copyright declaration form that is available on the website of International Commercial Law Review.

The last date for submission of manuscripts is 31st May, 2016.

International Commercial Law Review
Email: info.iclr@gmail.com

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