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Todays Date
23 October 2017

Call for Papers : Banking Research Conference

The conference covers the following areas.

– Changing face of Banking in India
– Monetary policy transmission through Banks
– Innovative Banking Models to reach the “Bottom of the Pyramid”
– Basel –III – Impact on Indian Banking
– Securitization as an alternate source of financing
– Stressed Assets Management
– Holding company structure for banks in India
– Ring fencing the Retail banks
– Banking for economic stability
– Derivatives and Risk Management
– Banking for Entrepreneurial development
– Financial Inclusion
– Women Empowerment
– Technological revolution in Indian Banking sector
– Risk management in Banks
– Consolidation of Banking sector
– Customer centric Banking
– Sustainability issues in Banking
– Retail Banks and Payment Banks
– Customer Satisfaction surveys
– Micro Finance Institutions / Banks
– Self Help Groups
– Social banking
– Wealth Management
– Bank finance for watershed management
– New Banking channels for reaching the common man

Important Dates

Registration with Full paper submission: November 30, 2015
Registration with Full paper submission (with late fee): December 31, 2015
Registration without paper submission: November 30, 2015
Registration without papersubmission (with late fee): December 31, 2015

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