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Baba Ram Rahim Singh Case: Where do the faults lie?

by Vidhi KoolwalAugust 25, 2017

Amidst the severe tensions going on in the states of Punjab and Haryana, it is very necessary to consider the places where the authorities and the other people are at fault.

The first issue that is the source of all the events is the fact that even after the imposition of curfew under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, the police officials were inactive  in making efforts in removing the gathering of 50,000 people who came to Panchkula in a fortnight. The plain reading of the Section gives a power to the police to prevent people in groups of more than 4, from assembling in a single place, however as it was apparent, neither the police nor the the State Government, take the required actions.

The second issue that should be taken into consideration, is the fact that even after there was a clear apprehension that the people were bound to become violent after the declaration of the verdict, the State Government, who has earlier been reported to be a supporter of Dera Sacha Sauda, waited till the last moment to meet and discuss the plans that were needed to implementation. Many were dying and still the Chief Minister had merely issued a statement rather than giving any more power to the executive organs.

The third and a highly embarrassing issue is the fact that the police, who is supposed to be the protect of people, were the first ones to run for their lives, when things worsened. In a scenario where, even the media was covering the protests from the site, one could see the police running away.

The last and the only thing that could have prevented it all was the unwillingness of the incompetent government, in giving the charge to the Army, who could have easily controlled the entire situation. While many were waiting for such a step to be taken, the legislature decided to keep the most important element, on stand by rather than doing the needful.

However, an article on the faults cannot be complete without mentioning the extreme and utter blindness of the followers of Baba Ram Rahim Singh, who are taking the side of a man, who unlike is name, cannot be called as even near to being a human.

The situation in both the States are worsening by the minute and it seems that these minute mistakes that everyone is making is proving to cost a lot more than expected.

While it seems difficult, but it should be hoped that everyone realizes their faults and the tyranny of the innocent ends soon.

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