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Todays Date
13 December 2017

6th Agahi Annual National Parliamentary Debate Competition 2016

Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab is going to organize the 6th Agahi Annual National Parliamentary Debate Competition 2016.

Date: 23rd – 25th September, 2016

Team Composition:

    • Each debating match will consist of two teams; one to propose the motion and one to oppose it. The team proposing may be known as ‘The Proposition’, ‘The Affirmative’ or ‘The Government’. The team opposing may be known as ‘The Opposition’ or ‘The Negative’. Teams will be designated as the Proposition or the Opposition for each round of the competition.
    • Each debate shall be adjudicated upon by a panel comprising of an odd number of adjudicators. One of these shall be designated as Chairperson. In situations as per the discretion of the adjudication core, a debate may be adjudicated by a single experienced adjudicator.
    • Each debate shall be timed by a timekeeper. In the absence of a timekeeper, a member of the adjudication panel will time the speeches.
    • Teams will comprise the following members.


        • Prime Minister or First Affirmative
        • Deputy Prime Minister or Second Affirmative
        • Government Whip or Third Affirmative


      • NEGATIVE
        • Leader of the Opposition, or First Negative
        • Deputy Leader of the Opposition, or Second Negative
        • Opposition Whip or Third Negative


      • Debaters will speak in the following order:
        • Prime Minister
        • Leader of Opposition
        • Deputy Prime Minister
        • Deputy Leader of Opposition
        • Government Whip
        • Opposition Whip
        • Opposition reply
        • Government reply


  • Common minute will not be given within reply speeches.
  • Speakers not ‘holding the floor’ may not rise during a speech unless it is to offer a ‘Point of Information’. Speakers doing so, or considered to be heckling, barracking or whose behavior is interfering with the acceptable course of a debate will be declared ‘out of order’ or will be ‘called to order’ by the Chairperson.

Registration Fees:

  • Independent Adjudicator: Rs. 1000/-
  • Team with Adjudicator: Rs. 3600/-

The last date for registration is 31st August, 2016.

Ms. Shubhi Pahwa
Phone: +91-8288911725

Mr. Navneet R.
Phone: +91-9814850124

Ms. Kanika Jamwal
Phone: +91-8872264897

RGNUL 6th Annual National Parliamentary Debate Competition
Sidhuwal – Bhadson Road,
Patiala, Punjab
Phone: 0175-2391600/601/602/603/604
Fax: 0175-2391690

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