Advanced Certification Workshop in Corporate Law


Corporate Law Alliance is a registered law firm having its headquarters at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh expanding its operations in training, litigation, litigation-support services, research & publications, community services among others. The prime objective of the firm is to strive for raising the intellectual standards of the society in through education, enhanced dissemination of information & training. While the firm has already commenced its research & publications division, social action initiatives, learner’s support center and litigation services; the firm is scheduled to mark initiation of its training by administration of various sessions of ‘Advanced Certification’ to be conducted throughout India annually. The firm is all set to offer to the students its inaugural version of ‘Advanced Certification in Corporate Law- Theory, Practice & Procedure’.

The program is entitled as ‘Advanced Certification’ principally because of the reason that it would require elementary understanding among the students about the areas of practice prospectively to be covered in the advanced certification. It is also pertinent to mention here that the advanced certification is expected to be a value addition to the vast knowledge that the attendees are desired to possess. The program is best suited for corporate professionals, post-graduate students pursuing research in practical dimensions of corporate law, under-graduate students (5 year integrated law degree course), students and researchers of management discipline and executive of law firms. The program is expected to offer tremendous opportunities of fundamental understanding, discussion and analysis of the core corporate concepts rarely elaborated at regular study courses/ online courses in India.

The students willing to attend the inaugural version of ‘Advanced
Certification’ should compulsorily enroll/ register them for the program
latest by 19 MAY, 2016 as after the last date, a late fees of Rs. 500/-
additionally would be charged. The registration for program entails a
non-refundable fee deposit of INR 3500/- (Three Thousand Five Hundred
Only) in favor of ‘Corporate Law Alliance- Law Firm’ by following the
steps enumerated here-in-below:
1. Open the website of Corporate Law Alliance (www.corplawalliance.in)
2. Browse to ‘Trainings @ Corporate Law Alliance’
3. Access the registration-cum-enrollment form for ‘1st Advanced
Certification in Corporate Law’ by clicking the button.
4. Fill up the registration form with correct information.
5. Deposit fees for program by clicking ‘Register Now’.
6. Ensure acknowledgment from Corporate Law Alliance or else write
to corplawalliance@gmail.com
7. All successfully registered participants will receive a confirmation
letter within 72 hours of enrollment. In case the confirmation is not
received, contact the help-desk immediately for pushed confirmation.

Download the full detailed Info. Brochure, Click Here 

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